Links & Resources

  • Ed by Alex Gil
  • Ed is a Jekyll theme designed for textual editors based on minimal computing principles, and focused on legibility, ease and flexibility. In other words, the technology is easier to learn or teach and can produce beautifully rendered scholarly or reading editions of texts. The resulting edition consists of static pages whose rate of decay is substantially lower than database-driven systems. As an added bonus, these static pages require less bandwith.

  • No Connect by Alex Gil and Dennis Tenen
  • No Connect is a template for Jekyll static site generator that works on a local machine or a USB key, without an html server. Our template is based on the standard Jekyll theme. The project is part of the Columbia's Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities to learn more about our group.

  • Sustainable Authorship in Plain Text using Pandoc and Markdown by Dennis Tenen and Grant Wythoff
  • In this tutorial you will first learn the basics of Markdown—an easy to read and write markup syntax for plain text—as well as Pandoc, a command line tool that converts plain text into a number of beautifully formatted file types: PDF, .docx, HTML, LaTeX, slide decks, and more. With Pandoc as your digital typesetting tool, you can use Markdown syntax to add figures, a bibliography, formatting, and easily change citation styles from Chicago to MLA (for instance), all using plain text.